In coaching sessions with me where someone is wanting their ex back, people often describe the relationship as it used to be, before the breakup.

It’s often a mystery to them why it’s over now and why it seems their ex has turned into someone else. The intensity of the relationship was such that the idea that their boyfriend or girlfriend, now with the prefix of “ex,” would break up with them seemed outrageous and unthinkable. It’s as though their ex is a different person than they were only a few days ago.

What happened? Often it’s a matter of space.

As a relationship coach, I focus on two areas – recovering relationships after breakups and preventing breakups. After I’ve coached someone to get their ex back, the issue becomes keeping them. Obviously weak areas of the relationship contributed to the breakup and the threat of those issues resurfacing after the post-breakup honeymoon is real.

Re-Education After A Breakup

During the celebration of getting an ex back, it’s often difficult to convince a client that there is still work to be done if they don’t want to end up dumped again. The success of getting their ex back often clouds their thinking to the point that they feel that the recent reunion has elevated the relationship to the point that it is now invincible. …Continue Reading

Published by Coach Lee

Coach Lee is a relationship expert who helps people get their ex back after a breakup and to savev their marriage from divorce. He has been quoted or interviewed by USA Today, BravoTV, AskMen, Today Show Australia, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Reuters, Yahoo Lifestyle and others. His website is and his videos are on YouTube at

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